Album Cover

Album Cover


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Band Names

We made a brainstorm, trying to decide on names. It's so hard to decide! Obviously some of these arent serious but still..

Evaluation Extras

When we were preparing for our evaluation I decided to make cue cards to help us with our points without always having to read of big pieces of paper. They contained our main points and some, such as this one, contained points in which we wanted to show examples. I believe they were successful and made our group look professional.

Evaluation: Q1

We split up the work for question one so that we had a managable amount of work to do, and allowing us to each have a say during the evaluation conversation.

I was given the task of revising Goodwin theories and applying them to our video. We filled in a table for this which helped us determine how his theroies applied to us and whether we followed, developed or challenged the conventions

Q1 part 1:

Q1 part 2:

I think this question went really well as we all managede to contribute equally, with each of us having slightly more to say about what we had researched. We found this question dominated most of our time and sowe had to cut down some of what we said to keep it around 20 minutes. However it was an important question and so needed a lot of knowledge of theory and analysis.

Evaluation: Q2

Our question was about the branding, which another member actually researched however in the evaluation we all had a lot of imput and opinions (which were mostly the same...).

This was Laura's question to lead however we all had input which was important as we had to have a secure brand and so would need to agree on how to market our band.

Evaluation: Q4

Here is our question 4 on new technologies
We began to discuss this in an informal group meetnig at a coffee shop, writing down lots of ideas and evaluating the way in which we used our technologies (which you can see below). This question went well, as throughout the project we'd really got to know our equipment and so knew a lot about it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Evaluation: Q3

We had our screening with a variety of people between the ages of 16 and 18 and got some really good feedback which helped with our question 3. We also got feedback from adults and former students. This was my question to lead and I gathered together all the feedback and wrote it up choosing critical and informative feedback.

Heres our q3:

This question also went well, with everything flowing smoothly and everyone having a different piece of feedback to speak about. Splitting the feedback (between good/ bad/ album cover/ myspace) helped to, not only, give people a chance to talk, it allowed us to analyse our feedback critically.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Album cover

We decided that, for the inside face of our digipack, where the CD would sit, we should graffiti our names into a design. We liked this idea because it makes us more relatable and normal, like down-to-earth girls that doodle like everyone else. Holly was designated the job of drawing the graffiti. She put in little details such as the martini-cocktail glass , stars, an eye and a heart, and made the writing for all our names different in some way, to show our different personalities.